About 180s projects

Manfred the Monkey is a 180sproject by two employees of Amsterdam-based animation agency in60seconds: Amanda Nedermeijer and Fleur Odylle van Wijck.

in60seconds develops creative concepts, infographics, videoproductions and animations. Key role of our work is communicating a complex message in a short amount of time.
We introduced the term ‘explanimations’, explanations in 60 second animations.

in60seconds employees  have the opportunity to spend 10% of their time, about 180s hours a year, on a project of their own liking.  Hence the name ’180s projects’. This to foster ideas, challenge skills and open new markets.

Other in60seconds 180s projects

Title sequence for Dutch short movie “Fabiola” by Lieke Milder


Conversation starter for the Foundation for Unwanted Pregnancy by Kirsten Schuil