Amanda and Fleur

amanda working on visual design. fleur finishing the lyrics. someone tindering in the background.

What about that monkey

When your boss allows you to spend 10% of your time on your own project, you should jump at it.

Which we did.

And who jumps better than a monkey?

So that is why-well no, that is not why we took a monkey as our lead character.

No, the real reason for Manfred the Monkey was the simple fact that Amanda had drawn a monkey she wanted to animate “old-school”.

And though Fleur had no real concept of what that might mean, she thought it sounded professional.

So she offered her song-writing skills to give this monkey some rhyme and rhythm.

The idea is to draw from old fables, where animals elucidate us, poor human souls, with lessons on life. We need a wise monkey.

At the same time, we are post-modern and cynical, and sorry to say dear monkey, so are you.

Amanda is a motion designer.

Fleur Odylle is copywriter and singer-songwriter.