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  • ManfredtheMonkey_MASTER_01283

    It’s done!


    Happy and proud to show you the fruits of our labour!


    Manfred the Monkey

    Manfred the monkey

    enlighten me

    how come you are that happy

    energetic and free


  • manfredfreaksout

    …and on we go!

    Who says Making a Manfred is easy?
    It isn't. And it takes longer than you'd expect.

    So, let's recap. After the exciting week Art Residence for Dutch radioshow Opium, we […]

  • tail

    Making the pun work

    180's project: Manfred the Monkey - Animatic v04


    The problem of keeping a pun secret, is that you don't get any feedback on it. And if the pun needs […]

  • IMG_6344

    Art residence in Dutch radio show de Torenkamer

    Dutch radio show Opium op Vier, is recorded in a beautiful castle in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. And as castles tend to, the building has a towerchamber.

    Part of the […]

  • 150208-ManfredtheMonkey-walkcycle01-v12-tussenvorm

    The evolution of Man(fred)

    An overview of the steps I took during the making of this walkcycle. I hadn’t animated frame-by-frame in a long time so this was actually quite challenging. After failing the first few times and getting […]

  • Screen Shot 2015-02-18 at 4.30.34 PM

    Manfred strutting his stuff.

    A little walkcycle I made to explore the way Manfred moves in the first part of the animation in which he behaves quite monkeylike (compared to the second half, more on that later). I used a […]

  • 150128-ManfredtheMonkey-planningshot-12

    Planning the shots

    To go from a storyboard

  • 150113-ManfredtheMonkey-charactersketches-v01e

    Digital sketches

    Santa brought us a gorgeous new Cintiq this Christmas. Meaning you can draw directly on a touchscreen. As if it's just an ordinary paper - but then a really cool […]

  • 141231-Manfred-modelsheet-v01-150dpi

    Analog vs. digital Manfred

    This may sound weird coming from the person who brought Manfred into the world but... what does Manfred actually look like?

    Close-up and from all angles? We've been working with a […]

  • animatic manfred vimeo

    Animatic Manfred


    With the storyboard done, time has come for The Animatic.

    In an animatic, you time the storyboard images to the soundtrack in order to create a first draft of […]

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