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  • Amanda Fleur OBA

    Final lyrics

    Think busy, busy weeks and a holiday. Manfred was lagging behind. And with a new holiday on the horizon, we decided to spend a Sunday afternoon on the roofterrace of […]

  • textmanfredpun

    Full lyrics & secret pun

    This is the story we are working on.  A basic outline: Manfred is happy and energetic, dancing around. The narrator wonders how he does it. In the second part, it's […]

  • IMG_0327

    Lyrics I

    There are two parts to the song. The song starts off with Manfred  being really happy, and the voice-over wondering how he does it.  In the second part, Manfred turns […]

  • manny

    On choosing the name Manfred

    It’s a boy.
    For some reason, there never was any real discussion about that.
    But the name. O, the name.
    We wanted alliteration and two syllables. As reference to classic […]

  • The Creative Process

    A tree depicting what we think the creative process will look like. Like a tree.

  • and so it begins…

    When your boss allows you to spend 10% of your time on your own project, you should jump at it.
    Which we did.
    And who jumps better than a monkey?
    So that […]