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  • ManfredtheMonkey_MASTER_01283

    It’s done!


    Happy and proud to show you the fruits of our labour!


    Manfred the Monkey

    Manfred the monkey

    enlighten me

    how come you are that happy

    energetic and free


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    Art residence in Dutch radio show de Torenkamer

    Dutch radio show Opium op Vier, is recorded in a beautiful castle in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. And as castles tend to, the building has a towerchamber.

    Part of the […]

  • Wanted: musicians

    As the first lay-out of Manfred's song are laid, it's time to look for musicians. Endgame is to do a live recording of the song in a studio here in […]

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    On copywright law

    Part of our contract, and most creatives' contracts, is that the copyright of products¬†we make during office hours lies with our employer. Which is logical, especially considering the employer sells […]