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  • manfredfreaksout

    …and on we go!

    Who says Making a Manfred is easy?
    It isn't. And it takes longer than you'd expect.

    So, let's recap. After the exciting week Art Residence for Dutch radioshow Opium, we […]

  • tail

    Making the pun work

    180's project: Manfred the Monkey - Animatic v04


    The problem of keeping a pun secret, is that you don't get any feedback on it. And if the pun needs […]

  • photo (5)

    Storyboard done!

    O look at us being happy and proud! And rightly so. The storyboard is done!

    View the full storyboard here.











  • note2

    From 180 to 170 BPM

    We finished the storyboard! Now that we figured out the movements, we revisited the speed of the song. First written in 180 beats per minute, we realized Manfred's moves would […]

  • Amanda Fleur OBA

    Final lyrics

    Think busy, busy weeks and a holiday. Manfred was lagging behind. And with a new holiday on the horizon, we decided to spend a Sunday afternoon on the roofterrace of […]

  • IMAG0911

    First storyboard – talk to the color block!

    Today we had a first go at our storyboard. For now we focus just on actions and leave perspective aside. We played with the idea of a color block as […]

  • bananas

    Auxiliary characters a.k.a. bananas

    One of the discussions we had today was whether we want to introduce auxiliary characters or keep Manfred as first and only protagonist. In other words: can this monkey get […]