• ManfredtheMonkey_MASTER_01283

    It’s done!


    Happy and proud to show you the fruits of our labour!


    Manfred the Monkey

    Manfred the monkey

    enlighten me

    how come you are that happy

    energetic and free


  • tail

    Making the pun work

    180's project: Manfred the Monkey - Animatic v04


    The problem of keeping a pun secret, is that you don't get any feedback on it. And if the pun needs […]

  • 150223-ManfredtheMonkey-stijlverkenning-FINAL-v02

    Visual Design. Colours.

    Let's face it, Manfred is pretty retro. The sound, that is. Swing jazz jingle.
    So naturally, the first colour set that comes to mind is...well yes, retro.
    Something like this:


  • IMG_6344

    Art residence in Dutch radio show de Torenkamer

    Dutch radio show Opium op Vier, is recorded in a beautiful castle in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. And as castles tend to, the building has a towerchamber.

    Part of the […]

  • photo (1)

    Istanbul Recordings

    January 28 we did an instrumental recording for Manfred the Monkey with the band Odylle in the Gevrec studios in Istanbul. For now,  we just used the old home recordings for […]

  • animatic manfred vimeo

    Animatic Manfred


    With the storyboard done, time has come for The Animatic.

    In an animatic, you time the storyboard images to the soundtrack in order to create a first draft of […]

  • photo (5)

    Storyboard done!

    O look at us being happy and proud! And rightly so. The storyboard is done!

    View the full storyboard here.











  • Amanda Fleur OBA

    Final lyrics

    Think busy, busy weeks and a holiday. Manfred was lagging behind. And with a new holiday on the horizon, we decided to spend a Sunday afternoon on the roofterrace of […]

  • photo (9)

    First voice recording

    A first recording of voice. Tried out different intonations. Most of the song is still a bit spoken-word, maybe we will work on that a bit more. I think the […]

  • manfred chorsd

    Basic Chord Scheme + recording

    As the many '7 chords indicate, this is a jazzy tune in C. Nothing especially remarkable here.  The interesting part of the song will be in the interaction between the […]

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