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  • 141231-Manfred-modelsheet-v01-150dpi

    Analog vs. digital Manfred

    This may sound weird coming from the person who brought Manfred into the world but... what does Manfred actually look like?

    Close-up and from all angles? We've been working with a […]

  • animatic manfred vimeo

    Animatic Manfred


    With the storyboard done, time has come for The Animatic.

    In an animatic, you time the storyboard images to the soundtrack in order to create a first draft of […]

  • photo (5)

    Storyboard done!

    O look at us being happy and proud! And rightly so. The storyboard is done!

    View the full storyboard here.











  • note2

    From 180 to 170 BPM

    We finished the storyboard! Now that we figured out the movements, we revisited the speed of the song. First written in 180 beats per minute, we realized Manfred's moves would […]

  • Amanda Fleur OBA

    Final lyrics

    Think busy, busy weeks and a holiday. Manfred was lagging behind. And with a new holiday on the horizon, we decided to spend a Sunday afternoon on the roofterrace of […]

  • photo (10)


    To get some external input on voice usage, I did a workshop with Evi de Jean. That was cool. She bossed me around and told me a thousand things out […]

  • Wanted: musicians

    As the first lay-out of Manfred's song are laid, it's time to look for musicians. Endgame is to do a live recording of the song in a studio here in […]

  • photo (9)

    First voice recording

    A first recording of voice. Tried out different intonations. Most of the song is still a bit spoken-word, maybe we will work on that a bit more. I think the […]

  • textmanfredpun

    Full lyrics & secret pun

    This is the story we are working on.  A basic outline: Manfred is happy and energetic, dancing around. The narrator wonders how he does it. In the second part, it's […]

  • manfred chorsd

    Basic Chord Scheme + recording

    As the many '7 chords indicate, this is a jazzy tune in C. Nothing especially remarkable here.  The interesting part of the song will be in the interaction between the […]

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