Analog vs. digital Manfred

From roughing it in pencil to smooth digital bliss.


This may sound weird coming from the person who brought Manfred into the world but… what does Manfred actually look like?

Close-up and from all angles? We’ve been working with a Rough Manfred to get us through storyboarding and concepting. Now time has come to get to the details. How big is his body compared to his head, how long are his limbs…and what’s up with that tail?

So far I’ve only drawn Manfred with good ol’  pencil on paper and that seems to be working quite well. But time has come to start working digitally and that’s always a little awkward at first. So…time pick up that Wacom pen and start getting comfortable with drawing digitally again.

I’m lucky enough to have a small Wacom Cintiq so I can work directly on to the screen and don’t have to worry about my crappy hand-eye coordination skills.

I’ve used Adobe Photoshop to create a digital (rough) modelsheet of Manfred that helps me figure this little guy out… He’s quite something I can tell you.

On top the first digitally drawn modelsheet, below several pencil-on-paper sketches.


3-72dpi29-72dpi25-72dpi 26-72dpi 27-72dpi 28-72dpi

Animatic Manfred Digital sketches
Animatic Manfred
Digital sketches