…and on we go!

Who says Making a Manfred is easy?
It isn’t. And it takes longer than you’d expect.

So, let’s recap. After the exciting week Art Residence for Dutch radioshow Opium, we came to the stunning and slightly exasperating conclusion that nobody really got the clue of Manfred’s story.

We decided to fix a whole list of things.

Of which you number one currently is in progress.

  1. We will extend the intro. Just running on the bassline loop. So we get time to introduce Manfred, introduce him playing with his tail. Then the colourblock comes up, asks for his attention by coming closer to Manfred, even poking him. Only when the block finally has Manfred’s attention, the full band and song kicks in. We do this so that the characters Manfred-tail-colourblock are more properly introduced.

Do you think the colourblock has more character now? So you understand he is talking to Manfred and annoying him? Yes? Wonderful to hear!


Manfred the Monkey – shots 01 + 02 rough from Amanda Joyce Nedermeijer on Vimeo.

Making the pun work It’s done!
Making the pun work
It’s done!