Animatic Manfred


With the storyboard done, time has come for The Animatic.

In an animatic, you time the storyboard images to the soundtrack in order to create a first draft of the animation. The main focus with an animatic is on timing and readability of the shots. This stage is always a little exciting because you are pretty likely to find that certain shots turn out waaaaay….tooooo….slooooow or waytoofast.

When this happens we adjust the storyboard, the music or timing until we get it right. This process prevents us from wasting a lot of time and energy later on, when actually working on the final animation.

We showed our first animatic to our lovely colleagues, they got excited about the project, we felt good.

Also, they shared their useful feedback, with which we created a second and third animatic. Main changes? We moved Manfred’s tail to clarify he is about to hit a mosquito. And the slowdown now kicks in one half beat earlier, to give the shot of unravelling more time. Watch it, and you now what we mean: the final version, on top of this page,  is a lot better and funnier than the first one, see below. And no worries, the actual animation won’t contain any subtitles, but for the animatic we felt it would be good the viewer gets the lyrics so you can see the relationship between words and image.

On a personal note, seeing Manfred ‘move’  around for the first time really got us psyched about the project. In a long-term project like Manfred, milestones like this animatic are key to keep you and the audience motivated.  Right now, I can’ t wait to start animating.

O and the secret pun? Still a secret.


Here the last version of the animatic without subtitles!


Here the first version of the animatic:




Storyboard done! Analog vs. digital Manfred
Storyboard done!
Analog vs. digital Manfred