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To get some external input on voice usage, I did a workshop with Evi de Jean. That was cool. She bossed me around and told me a thousand things out of which I only needed to remember Energy and Ar-ti-cu-la-ti-on.

So low and behold, a version of Manfred where the listener may understand each individual word. Still need to work on the body part, but there is a start.

Also, we think it’d be cool to have Manfred do some slow-motion at one point, so I dropped the tempo in one bar dramatically to halftime. It’s the part where Manfred says

“Always, always, always have a lot of..fruit”

Added advantage is that slowing down helps bringing the pun to the fore.

And yes, this is a very rough and sloppy recording. But those were the rules of this project. Post at every step of the road!

Wanted: musicians Final lyrics
Wanted: musicians
Final lyrics