Art residence in Dutch radio show de Torenkamer

Dutch radio show Opium op Vier, is recorded in a beautiful castle in the Vondelpark in Amsterdam. And as castles tend to, the building has a towerchamber.

Part of the radio programming is to invite an artists to stay in the Towerchamber for a week to work on a project of their liking.

And  we’re proud to announce that this week’s artists are Yours Truly.

Monday, Wednesday and Friday aroun 23:00 +1GMT we will be interviewed on Dutch radio 4 about our project.

We moved into the Towerchamber this morning. It is tiny. But with a beautiful view. And chocolate.

The goal of this week?

To fully finish these 10 seconds of the animation:



And finish the soundtrack.

Yes, ambitious.

But as Manfred would put, ambitious is the first step towards ambition. So.

The evolution of Man(fred) Visual Design. Colours.
The evolution of Man(fred)
Visual Design. Colours.