Istanbul Recordings

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January 28 we did an instrumental recording for Manfred the Monkey with the band Odylle in the Gevrec studios in Istanbul. For now,  we just used the old home recordings for the vocals. We plan to record the vocals separately in Amsterdam. Enjoy the first raw version, no mixing, mastering! Just the guys doing their thing:

Drums – Alpar Lü  /   Bass – Bora Bekiroğlu  /  Guitar- Emre Kula /  Keys – Koray Üsgülen / Voice – Fleur Odylle (home recording)


And here the recording with the guitar sounds muted

Here a video of the recordings.


180's project: Manfred the Monkey – Istanbul recordings from in60seconds on Vimeo.



Here the recordings with the guitar muted.


And some more touristy pics. It was Manfred’s first time, after all.





Digital sketches Planning the shots
Digital sketches
Planning the shots